The Grind Bodyshop

The Grind Bodyshop provides a unique training style to help you reach your fitness goals. With a talented certified coaching staff that will motivate and inspire you to train hard.

We are a training facility that offers hassle free, month to month memberships and all with no initial fees.

Class consist of a MAX of 6-8 individuals in a class at any fitness level. Each class has a set workout for the day, we do not create specific workouts for each individual during bootcamp training sessions. However, beginners will be shown modifications, while advance levels will be challenged with extreme levels of the exercise of the day. Each class is gender specific so that you can feel comfortable training, in a PRIVATE FACILITY, surround by your same gender.

The Grind Bodyshop is a new alternative to you being just another number in a large bootcamp. We want you to standout and really learn how to train with proper form and confidence.

Our Classes can help you not only transform your body, but build strength, speed, flexibility, proper posture and confidence, all while helping you burn fat and shape your DREAM BODY.
This Grind Bodyshop prides itself in being and athletic training ground teaching varies styles of training such as; powerlifting,weight lifting, HIIT training, circuit training, plyometric, functional training, TRX, etc.

You can commit to train live as many days a week as you choose, for a 4-5 week period. Each training session is 50-60 mins long depending on the workout for the day. 

Each month we will help you track your progress with photos and weigh-ins.


We know how hard it is to stay motivated and committed to a training routine alone. Perhaps you feel lost at the gym and are not sure what you should be doing. Or maybe you have hit a plateau and need some help getting over that. No more wishing, hoping or thinking about getting fit, it’s time to start reaching your goals.

8 thoughts on “The Grind Bodyshop

  1. Hi had a question so if I sign up it would be a four week session nd would be attending 2 times a week right? Wha part of bakersfield u live at? Also how much would it be for the program? Thankz hope to hear from I soon…im Jessica


  2. Hello,
    My friend and I are interested in your program; can you tell me if you have openings in June and how much will it be.


    • Hi, Yes, I currently have a few spots left open for June sessions. Please call or text me, Alex Garzaro, trainer and owner of The Grind Bodyshop, 661-565-5605 to verify openings and to register.


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